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The Source of our Indian Hair

Temples in Southern India.. Hair collection from Indian hair temples is a meticulous and deeply ingrained process that reflects both religious devotion and economic significance. Devotees who visit these temples often come with the intention of offering their hair as a symbolic gesture of surrender and dedication to their chosen deities. The act of having one's head tonsured, typically performed by temple priests, is considered an act of humility and spiritual purification. The collected hair, which can be quite substantial, is then carefully processed and sorted.

In many Indian hair temples, particularly the renowned Sri Venkateswara Temple in Tirupati, tonsured hair is meticulously gathered and sorted into various categories based on length, texture, and quality. This attention to detail ensures that the hair remains highly sought after.

While the practice of collecting hair from Indian temples has faced scrutiny and ethical concerns over the years, it remains an integral part of these sacred places. It highlights the complex interplay between spirituality, tradition, and commerce, showcasing how ancient customs can continue to evolve and adapt to meet the demands of the modern world.

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The Quality of our Indian Hair

Natural Luster, Full of Body.. One key factor is the genetic makeup of many Indians, which often results in naturally strong, thick, and lustrous hair. The hair cuticles tend to be well-preserved, aligned in the same direction, and less prone to damage. This means that Indian hair maintains its integrity and texture even after processing, ensuring a more natural and long-lasting look when used in hair products.

Additionally, the traditional hair care practices in India, which often include the use of natural oils and herbal treatments, contribute to the overall health and shine of Indian hair. These practices have been passed down through generations, promoting strong and resilient hair. As a result, Indian hair is not only beautiful but also durable, with the potential to last for years with proper care.

Indian hair is celebrated for its exquisite appearance, characterized by its natural luster, soft texture, and versatile range of colors. Its inherent shine gives it a healthy, vibrant glow, making it an ideal choice for creating radiant hairstyles. Whether it's straight, wavy, or curly, Indian hair exhibits a graceful and captivating look that effortlessly blends with various hair types and styles. Its smooth and sleek surface reflects light beautifully, resulting in a glossy finish that enhances the overall aesthetics of wigs, extensions, and other hair products. This innate beauty makes Indian hair a top preference for those seeking a stunning and authentic hair transformation.

2015 Travels to India

Selection of our First Inventory.. In November 2015, I embarked on a transformative solo journey to Chennai, India, where I diligently explored the offerings of three distinct vendors. Through thorough evaluation and thoughtful deliberation, I reached a pivotal decision: to establish a collaboration with a specific factory as our trusted source for brand products. This choice was underpinned by my unwavering confidence in their ability to deliver the highest standards of quality and consistency, aligning perfectly with our company's core values. The profound experience of personally handpicking our initial inventory in India and then transporting it back to the United States stands as an indelible chapter in my entrepreneurial odyssey, one that has profoundly influenced and defined the trajectory of our brand's journey.

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2023 Travels to India

Returning to Chennai.. This visit held special significance for me, marking an impressive eight-year journey since my initial encounter with our trusted vendor. Following my first trip to India, it became evident that returning was unnecessary, given that my vendor remained just a call away whenever inventory was required. Over the years, our collaboration has blossomed into a robust business relationship, with my vendor consistently delivering a top-grade, high-quality supply of Indian hair for my brand. Remarkably, for the past eight years, we have maintained this enduring partnership, with my vendor steadfastly providing my company with the finest Raw Indian Hair available in the market.

This year, an exciting development emerged as my vendor introduced a new quality of Indian hair known as Indi Supreme. The key distinction between Indi Supreme and our classic Raw Indian hair lies in the number of donors involved. While our Raw Indian Wavy hair boasts a single donor per bundle, the Indi Supreme is crafted from multiple donors, yet it retains the same luxurious quality characteristic of our Raw Indian Hair. Both our Raw Indian Wavy and the Indi Supreme collections are comprised of 100% Indian Hair. As the Indi Supreme is sourced from multiple donors, we are pleased to offer it at a discounted rate, providing our customers with even more exceptional value.