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Donna Parks

With an impressive 19 years of experience as a master cosmetologist, Donna Parks has honed her craft with dedication and skill. Holding licenses in both Texas and North Carolina, she stands as a testament to expertise and professionalism. Donna takes immense pride in her ability to perfect hair, ensuring that every customer leaves her care looking and feeling their absolute best. Her commitment to excellence is not only a reflection of her extensive experience but also a testament to the passion she brings to the art of her profession.

In 2015, Donna Parks embarked on a transformative journey to Chennai India, seeking to establish her first Raw Indian Hair Inventory. During that trip, she cultivated a lasting relationship with a reliable vendor, and now, eight years later, she continues to trust and work with the same source. Recognizing the importance of quality and authenticity, Donna returned to India in 2023 to reconnect with her trusted vendor and explore new avenues for sourcing premium hair. This dedication to maintaining strong partnerships reflects Donna's commitment to providing top-notch products and ensuring the satisfaction of those who rely on her expertise in the world of cosmetology.

Learn more about the details of her journeys to Chennai, India, and the importance of our Raw Indian Hair.

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